Yellow Chips

bursting with ambition

Yellow Chips is shaking up the North European chips industry. And not just by standing out on the market for organic chips, vegetable chips and batch fried chips. Yellow Chips is also distinctive for its eager and open approach to the business, and its dedicated partnerships with local agrarians. Get to know Yellow Chips: entrepreneurs on a crispy mission.


Merge 20 years of experience in the industry with the insights that appeal to you as a human being and as a professional. That is how Yellow Chips came to be: the only chips producer of this size in the Netherlands committed to an honest and professional approach.

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Yellow Chips supplies chips-related products and concepts with a natural added value: organic chips, vegetable chips and batch fried chips. They are marketed under private labels or as our own premium brand.

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Yellow Chips produces chips with a natural added value. For lovers of organic, vegetable, potato and batch fried chips - and more! A flavour to suit every person's taste. Our favourites include:

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Yellow Chips delivers to retailers, organic specialty shops and wholesalers in the Benelux, France, Germany and Scandinavia. This concerns our own brand of organic chips, vegetable chips and batch fried chips, under the go Pure label.

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