From Classic potato chips to innovative Fruit & Veggies

Yellow Chips produces for the European market. We produce several types of potato chips (classic chips, thickly cut Canyon chips and batch-cooked Natural Crunch chips), vegetable chips – made of parsnip, several types of beets, sweet potato and carrot – and Fruits & Veggies, a combination of vegetable chips with dried fruit. Our products are sold through health food stores and food service channels (GoPure) and in the retail sector (Private Label).

Yellow Chips is committed to an active allergen policy. Our products do not contain any gluten, or nuts, or peanut, or milk, or any traces thereof.

By using organic materials, we contribute to protecting the environment, promote biodiversity, and help to preserve natural resources. We are committed to preserving quality of life in rural areas.

Pure nature: that’s the taste of quality

Thanks to our pure preparation processes, the ingredients alone taste so good that they don’t need any additives. All we add are purely natural herbs and/or a dash of sea salt. Our chips do not contain any added sugar or yeast.

We use 100% organic sunflower oil for frying. That’s how we preserve the taste of pure nature. We do not compromise on quality!

Organic herb library

We develop flavours and flavour combinations cooperatively with our herb suppliers. We first prepare prototypes using our herb library, testing and tasting them through our trial set-ups. The results are then refined further by our herb suppliers.

Our innovations are inspired in part by emerging (flavour) trends.