A new perception of food

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The food market is changing. So is the way that people take time to enjoy food. See how people are sharing recipes, meals and restaurants on Instagram, and all the culinary programmes and vlogs. Eating has become part of our lifestyle: it shapes our identity.

This new perception of food goes hand in hand with a desire for natural products and open, honest information. Yellow Chips is a pioneer in this trend. We know and recognise our customers, which helps us to come up with new and bold products. Trendsetting: it’s what makes us feel good.

Innovating for a broad public

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We believe in the added value of our products. We are convinced that attractive and tasty food doesn’t require more than good ingredients and good ideas. We believe in ‘better snacking for you’, based on accessible knowledge and deliberate choices.

Every consumer of Yellow Chips products needs to feel assured of the honest quality we supply. This makes our products accessible for a broad public.

The best of Mother Nature

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Behind Yellow Chips is a team of 100 people, united by the ambition of working with the best that Mother Nature provides. Each one of us is keenly aware of any impact on the environment and on natural resources. That is why we are so focused on the origin of our ingredients and the production methods of our chips.

We are dedicated to maintaining fair relations with colleagues, customers and business partners. We offer trust and take responsibility. Together we contribute to a responsible treatment of natural resources. We think along with our partners and suppliers to also help them increase their success.

Emmeloord, Europe’s capital city of potatoes

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We think and operate like a true Dutch company. With rolled-up sleeves, feet in the clay. Innovative, and resolute. The north-eastern polder, where the land was once four meters beneath the surface of the sea, is where we began in 2013. Right next door to the best organic ingredients.

The surrounding polder is one of Europe’s largest potato-producing areas. Beets, carrots and parsnips for our vegetable chips are amply available as well. We source our ingredients close to home as much as possible. We are also active outside the Netherlands. Across the EU, the different markets for organic produce are in different stages of development. We help our partners there to serve the market in the best possible way.